#7 Ron Searle- Parenting, Marriage & Natural Horsemanship

Ron does a masterful job of guiding us through our relationship with our sons, especially those that are difficult. He shows how to make the relationship of your son with you, the most important thing to your child. More important than making bad decisions and rebelling. Ron also shows how these principles apply to a marriage relationship.

What's incredible, is how this shows up in Natural Horsemanship and the relationship of trust between a horse and its leader. The stories are amazing and if you are a parent or a spouse, you will learn something invaluable through this episode.

Ron Searle is the owner of Arivaca Boys Ranch in Arivaca, Arizona. A ranch that takes in troubled boys and teaches them how to develop relationships of trust through the process of Natural Horsemanship also known as Equine Therapy, mixed with the Arbinger program.



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