#5 Graham Bullick- Amazing Story of Church Work in the Military

When the environment requires it, the church must adapt in its organization and approach. Graham was part of a group made up of a Branch President and eleven, yes eleven counselors in a 'pressure cooker' known as the MCRD, or Marine Corps Recruit Depot. He is a fabulous story teller, and he has an incredible story to tell. You will want to hear this.

Stories of personal growth and redemption all within a 13-week boot camp period. Baptismal interviews, ten investigators with ten different
missionaries, blessings of healing, priesthood ordinations all happening
at once in a single, large classroom. Take a listen. You will enjoy it!

Graham Bullick has a PhD in Biology and has been a Senior/Executive Officer in a number of public companies.  You can also read about him here-


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